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Fouhy on the Fanatic

Aug 29, 2018

(Actually, that's actually the whole show...seriously.)

Aug 28, 2018

The D-backs lose to the Giants, but remain in 1st place. The Cardinals take on the Broncos Thursday night in pre-season game #4 and the Mercury take on Seattle tonight in game 2 of the WNBA Semi-finals. Oh, and Jerry Jones wants an 18-game regular season in the NFL

Aug 24, 2018

The Cards prep for the Cowboys, the D-backs start a 3-game series vs. the Mariners, The Mercury advance to the semi-finals, and more...

Aug 23, 2018

The D-backs keep on winning! Urban Meyer gets a slap on the wrist! Cards GM Steve Kim seems extremely remorseful and the Cards take on the Cowboys Sunday night in Dallas!